Land Entitlement in California can be a complex, challenging process full of uncertainties. Entitlement can involve many interrelating parts, agencies, consultants & parties and can seem to be full of red-tape & bureaucracy, never-ending meetings & negotiations and numerous constraints & public opposition. 

Mayer Architects provides a broad range of services working with individual property owners, development companies, public agencies, and municipalities to analyze the highest and best use of property, evaluate alternatives, and develop realistic plans. We assist our clients in land acquisition, design, project entitlement and construction management. We provide consultation in issue resolution, plan development, and regulatory permitting.

We specialize in navigating complex land planning and entitlement projects by

assembling the right technical team to address unique issues and working closely with cities and community groups to capture underlying value.

Since we are primarily an architecture firm, our capabilities in design, planning and problem solving, combined with a strong tenacity (yet cautiously compromising attitude) are unique assets we bring to bear to seek planning approvals that are in line with the commercial goals of the developer and the aspirations of the community.