Henry Brawner

Henry has over 15 years of experience in architecture,
the majority of which were working with Gehry Partner’s
as a senior associate. During Henry’s ten years at
Gehry Partners he worked on a variety of complex projects
with a particular emphasis on the implementation
of 3-d digital modeling and BIM. As a Job Captain managing
and coordinating portions of projects using Catia
(and later Digital Project), and then as a BIM manager
and Project Architect, he gained in depth experience
with how digital modeling and BIM are integrated in
the design, documentation and construction process.

Douglas Glenn

Douglas has 12 years experience utilizing BIM with
the architect Frank Gehry including the roles of digital
design, engineering, training, and BIM liaison with
contractors and builders. In addition he has 17 years
experience teaching and mentoring students and professionals
at El Camino College, and 20 years working
with technologies in the aerospace industry with Boeing
and Northrop Grumman.

Gerhard W. Mayer

Gerhard is the founder and principal architect of Mayer
Architects, a Westside Los Angeles Architectural Design
and Planning firm. Gerhard has over 25 years of experience
in a wide variety of project types, both large and
small, on four continents. With experience in planning,
design and execution of large complex projects,
Gerhard’s credentials also include expertise relating to
sustainable design and 3-D and BIM Modeling (using
Revit, CATIA and Digital Project software). He refined
his skills during 8 years of working on challenging projects
at Gehry Partners, using his outstanding ability to
visualize and conceptualize in three dimensions.



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